the turquoise ledge, leslie marmon silko

Reading The Turquoise Ledge makes me think of Silko seeing the other plane sometimes when the light is just right.

And how the scales of snakes have the same composition as feathers, letting them fly over the ground.

Silko who treats all creatures with love and respect gets that love and respect back.  She lets all she comes across know she means no harm, and she receives trust back.

Silko who recognizes the air’s influence on us.

Silko reminds me the instincts I had as a child to love & sympathize with all life were correct.  She is careful of all, including bees, realizing they have a purpose, and if you pay attention, they tell you things, like when it’s going to rain.

Silko’s lessons in Nahuatl language, experiments with writing rain chants, and naming the cloud types, remind us  to be in tune with beauty and of how we are connected with all matter.

Since reading Turquoise Ledge, I’m reminded that clouds are alive beings, capable of communicating, “Family members and the ancestors show their love for us when they return as clouds.”

The Turquoise Ledge reclaims the world of nature – the world of authentic reality – with adoration.  Silko shows us that the desert where she lives is a fascinating and lush place.  She gives perspective on living that’s considerate to roots, story, memory, plant, animal, human, molecule.

Bits of poetry in Turquoise Ledge drip down effortlessly from the prose like a stream from a lake,

            Pansy moth
         yellow and brown. 
            Last night you
                            landed on the moon
                      in the water.
                      This morning
                      you are floating
                                     between the
                      water lily leaves.

In this moment, when blood money is determined to destroy the planet that sustains life, Silko’s understanding and respect of nature is important testimony, and teacher.  Silko offers a voice of witness, which speaks of the miraculousness of natural reality.  She translates the language of non-human species who need our affection now more than ever.

Telepathic love’s a real thing, so is the life-giving matriarch of strength and compassion.

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