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translating the deer, from James Welch

“’Who’s alone?  The deer come—in the evenings—they come to feed on the other side of the ditch.  I can hear them.  When they whistle, I whistle back.’

‘And do they understand you?’  I said mockingly.

‘Mostly—I can understand most of them.’

‘What do they talk about?’

‘It’s difficult…About ordinary things, but some of them are hard to understand.’

‘But do they talk about the weather?’

‘No, no, not that.  They leave that to men.’  He sucked on his lips.  ‘No, they seem to talk mostly about…They are not happy.’

‘Not happy?  But surely to a deer one year is as good as the next.  How do you mean?’

‘Things change—things have changed.  They are not happy.’

‘Ah, a matter of seasons!  When their bellies are full, they remember when the feed was not so good—and when they    are cold, they remember…’

‘No!’  The sharpness of his own voice startled him.  ‘I mean, it goes deeper than that.  They are not happy with the way things are.  They know what a bad time it is.  They can tell by the moon when the world is cockeyed.’

‘But that’s impossible.’

‘They understand the signs.  This earth is cockeyed…
…sometimes it seems that one has to lean into the wind to stand straight.’”

-conversation with Yellow Calf from Winter in the Blood, by James Welch


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a prayer

ice running to the sea
walk up to the house
a leaf

hear an organ symphony
my baby singing
tonight when the sun goes down

this morning the sun lit
our faces in bed
god at the tops of trees

please bless all these ones
standing beside me 
i’m nothing without

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Neil Young Honor the Treaties tour

Musician, poet, activist and truth teller Neil Young speaks poignantly about why he decided to go on tour to raise money to help First Nations indigenous Canadian people fight corporate controlled government, in order to ensure the health of the earth and well being of future generations.

Explanation of indigenous human and environmental rights and violations being committed by Canadian government:


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