how do we be activist poets

we speak the truth    we oppose injustice

we don’t need to be dominant & raising our voices    we can be gentle and protest fiercely    in a silent way    like the quiet stream    we call out the problem    seek the alternative    embody the solution     take action     be compassionate

we recycle old melodies    sing for justice and equality

money tried to suppress “we shall overcome” women & people of color being denied: war    corporate abuses     labor for nothing

we take back our strength and humanity     we don’t have to ask others what to do    our hearts and brains already know     our bodies are used to run this world and will be respected

money uses racism to discount foreign and domestic laborers     makes it seem okay to exploit and enslave people because they are not american or white    these are the ills that industrial capitalism incites     we are not better than our competition     we are our competition     the same

the old try to get the young to sell their souls     we sing them back     you don’t have to go to war and kill your brothers and sisters

we keep a picture of the moving stream in mind   work for the oneness we know is there

we believe in kindness    unity    hope   survival    and reclaiming ourselves   we oppose all forms of war     racism     inequality and destruction of life  we call for an end to industry that commits genocide against nature and people    we oppose the unfair wage systems   we believe in generosity and know how to take care of our communities and the earth

we offer love as opposition    we offer bendingness  compassion and nurturing    we don’t want to kill    we sit at the back of the bus as a declaration    we are caring and human and good


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