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water has a voice and seeks respect

where is the outrage that dogs were used by security guards to attack peaceful native american water protectors? when will corporate/colonialists stop being given entitlement to steal resources and land at the expense of north american indigenous peoples? the proposed dakota access pipeline passes directly through tribal territory. tribes are trying to protect sacred burial grounds and precious ecosystems their ancestors have lived on for millennium.

when will we start honoring and respecting the culture and rights of the country’s first inhabitants instead of further committing trauma against them?

we’re living in an illegitimate society based on lies. i’m grateful to the brave earth stewards who are helping to protect the water and rights of indigenous and all people. i’m wishing for more truth-telling, healing, and change.



support the efforts of the water protectors standing up in north dakota in opposition to oil company coprorate abuses here:


water is the blood of earth that connects all our blood


message from a whale

from two thousand miles west

my mother’s soft coastal voice

sounds like it will cry when i tell

her thru the phone they’re saying

not to eat fish from the pacific

because of radioactive fallout to the oceans

leaking from nuclear plants in japan

she who grew up eating fish

straight from the pier   who worshipped

the sun and the poppy flowers

my mother tells me her sister

has breast cancer

i think it’s environmental

cancer doesn’t run in our families she says

a whale surfaces from the shallow river

leads me to mutated fish

tells me the water from the faucet

has a voice and seeks respect

a million sardines

washed up to shore by a big wind

the harbor where my mother was born

filled with breathless shimmer

sea who feeds us

have mercy on us

river who carries us

to our birth

let us love

-lp © 2016





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