beneath the waves

a friend calls crying in the morning
her indian teen cousin jumped
off the tallest bridge in town   haven’t found
her body in the river  cops chased her
watched her jump  come up for air then not come up
it’s not on the news that she’s lost to the river
a fly nearly invisible floating thru
the room like dust    white kid jumps from tallest bridge and they search
for days and reporters are everywhere  but indian kid jumps
and they say current’s too strong   don’t search at all
no body found   spirit loose alone 
breaks the skin   floods us thru
say a prayer for that kid now
there was nothing wrong with you
river love that kid now
take that kid home
have a bed in rain for that kid to sleep in
soft river bank  single lost goose
purse dropped  butterfly flip over the tallest bridge
the laughing wind   say she is a river god now
the pink sea gold rising from the waves

2 responses to “beneath the waves

  1. Even as “a fly nearly invisible floating thru” she is more alive than all the empty zombie masses watching with cold hearts. May her spirit now rise and be free.

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