small farm wisdom

“…Hawks kill a hundred times more rats and mice than they do chickens.  The same is true for coyotes.  They help control the squirrels, rabbits, woodchucks and raccoons too.  I guess out west in sheep country they probably do kill a few lambs every year, but that’s part of the price you’ve got to pay.  I don’t know where people get the notion that they can reap the benefits of the land for free.  That it all belongs to them.  Humans sure as shooting don’t work for free.  You get someone to rid your house of rats and termites or cockroaches, he doesn’t do it for nothing, so why do folks think the hawks, eagles and coyotes will.  The few chickens or an occasional lamb they take is their share.  And they earn it more honestly than a lot of humans do.  Every year the birds and worms take their share of the apples, peaches and dewberries.  You plant corn in the garden and the crows and the coons are going to get their part of the harvest, in fact raccoons know better than you when it’s ready.  There’s no getting around it.  You’ve got to pay, and when you think you can get away with not, you’re in trouble.”  -from Harvesting Ballads by Philip Kimball



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2 responses to “small farm wisdom

  1. Rtroderick

    Plant your seeds in a row. One for the pheasant one for the crow.

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