living in balance amidst darkness


  • Feed self with inspiration as many hours of the day as possible: listen to music, read, view art, study Walt Whitman, Joy Harjo & other poets
  • Eat nutritious foods, drink water, exercise outdoors, sleep
  • Have hobbies and projects; create art, music, and verses
  • Volunteer & give back to the community
  • Recognize that other people love you and act like they do
  • Take care of self to take care of others: the suffering of self inflicts harm on others, the suffering of others inflicts harm on self—there is no separation, and love is all that matters in the grand scheme of existence
  • When able, put your own oxygen mask on before trying to save others
  • Get out of your head; help someone else
  • Nurture plants, animals, air and water
  • Comfort self
  • Be good to your lover, friends, family, co-workers, and everyone you meet, we are all journeying a hard road together
  • Ask for help from others when needed
  • Practice mindfulness.  Be present.  Focus on the moment and your breath
  • Spend time with friends in laughter
  • Stay connected with family
  • Take care of spiritual health through prayer, meditation, offerings, ceremony, kindness, singing, dancing, chanting & praise; remember the divine exists within you
  • Pay attention to hints from your dreams & trust your intuition—the soul’s language
  • Do not harbor negative energy.  Negative attracts negative; positive attracts positive
  • Use the power of positive intention.  Focus on your dreams and they will come true
  • Self-belief is a key to success.  Don’t let doubts cloud the way.  Act like a champion
  • Remember your ancestors are always with you & pay respect to your roots by thanking them
  • Be proud of self and embrace your originality & identity
  • Do your best work when approaching any task; it will come back to you
  • Live in the heart as much as possible: be gentle, respectful, gracious and loving in all deeds
  • Listen to people, and listen to the earth
  • Forgive yourself and others easily.  Give self and others the benefit of the doubt



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2 responses to “living in balance amidst darkness


    Great words; great thoughts. Will do! Lord. willing.

    God Bless–bonnyG

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