kim gordon songs

here sonic  youth bassist and singer kim gordon satirizes the false motives of “kool thing” – who represents commercial machismo – by suggesting he help women achieve liberation from inequality & monopolies.

“are you going to liberate us girls from male white corporate oppression?”  she says.  this is an important question to ask.

this song highlights the irony of modern living.  even as we protest male white corporate oppression – we’re deep in the midst of it everyday – it has its hands in the buildings we conduct life in, the roads we ride on, the cell phone towers we use to call our loved ones.  yet radically, sonic youth gives us a model of how to confront the machine thru art.  the band has stayed outside corporate control as much as possible – remaining indie for their entire 30+ year musical careers.

a hero who gives us courage to speak out & be artistic , kim gordon has one of the most gorgeous voices in music.  we like how she uses it to amplify poetics that address the strangeness & injustice, and also the beauty & authenticity, of being female on today’s planet.

her tongue & cheek personas challenge ideas of what women should be, like in, “female mechanic now on duty:”

modern women cry
modern women don’t cry
cry don’t cry
she turns fantasies & stereotypes about women upside down by presenting alternate, rocking stories of the myriad ways women truly are, like in “the ineffable me:”
don’t be alarmed
it’s only me
come back in my arms…
the ineffable me

kim gordon no nuke art, from flying object


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