big boss man, jimmy reed

jimmy reed that drummer with you tapping the beat of our hearts
jimmy reed how you make our eyes break with stormy joy
the way you slur your words so easy
and mama sings behind you reminding you of all you forgot
the way your throat hums
jimmy we love this talking down to the boss
because the man works us so hard
jimmy reed we love this talking down to the boss
because you were so thirsty and they wouldn’t let you stop
you are our hero     you are our rebel prince
kissing the harp so soft
letting us dance out of imprisonment
thank you for calling out the evil abuses us workers must suffer
in such a classy jam as this
thank you for letting us laugh at the boss who thinks a big man belittles his subordinates
we know the real big man has a huge heart like you jimmy reed
jimmy reed the way you sing slower than the stars
jimmy reed the way you sing slower than the cars
the way your lips are sweet fruits
and you kiss your harp so gently
and you brush the strings so lightly
jimmy reed they took your blues and gone
gave you no pay and stole your songs
left you dry with a jumping mind
left your body numb
but always in control      soul come out your teeth
of course you learned to play guitar in mississippi under the willow tree
after you were so tired from working the fields
gonna get myself a bossman, one who treats me right, work hard in the day time, rest easy at night, workers of the world are going to unite
jimmy    though you could not read or write
you are a genius of soul
you are
playing for us now
you can have our poems     you can have our skulls
to read with     our hands to write with
these we give to you as thanks
for all the blues you lived thru
you whisper through our veins
you teach us how to feel

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