night in baghdad, laurie anderson

we think this is a great poem for how it parallels calm eloquence with chilling insanity of war.  cascading the sacredness of life thru art is one of the best ways to oppose the life-robbing horror of war

anderson speaks images of beauty, such as fireflies on a summer night, in irony, because what is really going on is bombs thru the air

she says, “it was so beautiful,” in a swallowed way, like someone gasping for air in baghdad

“i wish i could describe this to you better but i can’t talk very well because i’ve got this damned gas mask on”

in addressing california from baghdad, anderson juxtaposes americans in the safety of the sun against people being gassed in the name of us wars

eerie middle eastern beats give a hauntingness to the song, layered with ethereal water and heartbeat sounds: the sacredness of ancient culture and life undertoned by the landscape of murder welling up.  this dissonance is the truth of modernness.  so many of us go about our lives distracted by the fireworks and christmas tree lights, forgetting that other people are seeing explosions in the sky, wearing gas masks, and being maimed raped and murdered so that the west can have all the comforts oil brings


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