home is where the hatred is – esther phillips


this song has beautiful, poetic lyrics (written by gil scott-heron) from phillip’s stunning album, “from a whisper to a scream.”

it is the story of a junkie facing racism and internalized oppression.  people flee from this person – as if they are someone to be feared.  in reality they are someone in need of help and understanding – who only receives hatefulness and prejudice.

Hang on to your rosary beads,
Close your eyes
To watch me die.You keep sayin’,
kick it!
Quit it!But did you ever try
To turn your sick soul inside out
so that the world
so that the world
can watch you die.
can watch you die.
watch you die.
watch you die.


people judge and cast off the addicted without understanding how hard it is to rise up from a world that continually finds ways to oppress you because of your race.

what we need is empathy for others – not criminalizing people.


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