we feel

i feel if you hate me
you got to get real

we’re gonna feel more.  declare how we feel.  not be afraid to feel

why do the conservatives want to slice out our wombs?  i feel they hate us.  otherwise, why would they vote to rape and torture us?

making birth control and abortion illegal is wrong and unhealthy for everyone, not just women.  this earth is already stressed from overpopulation.  we don’t want to be forced to bring kids into their twisted war.  we don’t want stds.  women will always have abortions – whether they’re legal or not.  & if abortion is illegal – women are more likely to have unsafe abortions that can harm and kill them.  restricted parental planning hurts the baby and mother – and effects the men too – all life is connected and impacted by every decision.

women are beautiful and we need them.  don’t hurt them.

just leave us alone if you don’t like us – don’t try to oppress us.

we respect and empower ourselves and each other.  we take all life with us when we rise.


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Filed under manifestos, poems, protest songs

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