today i am reverent

the trees budding water singing warmth.
the yards turned to bogs with fish swimming in them all holy and alive. 
crows and doves come down from venus and jupiter. 
how can we allow ourselves to be distracted – not following the thread of our ancient roots – not letting the Indians be in charge?  
letting the corporations numb us with little goods and gadgets so we’ll forget they’re raping our mother and robbing our land – poisoning our bodies and minds. 
i love the trees come black and speaking in the mist. 
how will our nations be rebuilt? 
how will we protect our coyotes and wolves? 
all the water and trees and sky saying we love you daughter 
they can hear the beats in my head.  they are my friends in a silent way.  they ain’t got no special rider either
now we go red tree berries frosted pines ocean skin.  now we die to be reborn. 

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Filed under manifestos, poems, protest songs

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