examples of ourselves

we protest in the way we conduct ourselves.

we don’t drive around in metal and soot up the earth.  we glide like crows.

we be like johnny cash wearing all black for the poor and downtrodden.

we wait for the bus. the streets all sludge. black dirt & slush.

the cars push thru. underneath – we can see the stones in the streets iridescent.

the doves on the telephone poll each morning – their view of the forest, river, street, chick hill.

we watch a single feather float down slow. its soft white laying in the sooty snow.

we grin cause the streets can turn to feathers that pillow our dreaming heads.

we pay attention to the trees and rivers to help restore them.

we be kind and gentle. let things go. forgive. put forth loving energy. care for all life.

in times like these, we require music to live.


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