my children are seven in number – pete seeger

like many Pete Seeger songs, “My Children are Seven in Number” is in metered verse, making it easy to remember through its rhythm.

Seeger has said that one of his earliest musical lessons was that songs can be recycled.  We can play whatever version of a song we want.  We can take well known lyrics – and recreate songs with our own melodies and instruments – depending on our mood, circumstance, or purpose.

I took the melody and some of the lyrics from “My Children are Seven in Number,” and started writing my own song, as a tribute to Anna Mae Aquash, who I’ve been reading about.

Annie Mae stood up for the people
she taught the young truth & culture
she took over the mayflower parade
she occupied the BIA
the FBI tried to suppress the movement
no one knew who to believe
someone thought Anna Mae an informer
they kidnapped, questioned & killed her…
they shot Anna Mae Aquash our leader
her spirit abides with us still
the spirit of strength and of justice
no bullets have power to kill
Annie Mae Annie May, we’re thinking of you today
Annie Mae Annie May, we’re thinking of you today

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