Letter to Arizona Governor Brewer

Governor Brewer,

I am writing in outrage of you signing a ban on ethnic studies in Arizona.  It is incredibly ignorant and racist to try and censor the existence of people of color.  Students need to learn the true barbaric history of the United States – a dehumanizing history that your administration is contributing to.  You trying to white-out Arizona is unjust, frightening, retrogressive, and it aligns you with committing genocide against brown people.  You are making a spectacle not only of yourself and Arizona, but of the entire United States.  Your hateful “immigration control” policies as well as censoring education can never be forgiven.  Please remember you are a guest on Native American territory and have no business further oppressing indigenous Americans or any peoples.  I am in deep opposition to your policies.

Sincerely, the Society for Roots and Trees


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